Candy Coffins Airs Music Video For “Another Kiss”

Candy Coffins Airs Music Video For "Another Kiss"

South Carolina-based post-punk/indie rock outfit Candy Coffins have aired the video for their latest single “Another Kiss“.

The song is part of our current playlist and is taken from their recent album ‘Once Do It With Feeling‘, released in October 2022. Pre-order your copy here.

While the video appears to be very personal, it is one with which all of us can closely identify. Just as with life – the pivotal moments are captured, and the longer it goes on, the faster the pace seems.

Songwriter-singer James Lathren explains:

“I love all the songs on the album, obviously – they’re my babies, but ‘Another Kiss’ is so special to me. I love the dynamics of the song and the brevity of, yet how impactful, the lyrics. But truly I love this song so much because the band, along with producer/engineer John Furr, were able to create what was in my head so closely – the sonic juxtaposition of the prelude to and the actual event of losing control. And many times that’s what artists are chasing, whether it be film, physical art mediums, or music – it’s that vision in your head. That’s what I am always chasing and this song gets there.”

“Ever since this song was written, I have envisioned a video that presents life on a timeline with the pressing urgency that comes with time seeming to move faster as one ages, as we all experience. I was elated (and a little surprised) that I was able to get that vision pulled off so succinctly, yet eloquently, in my opinion.”

Watch it now.

Candy Coffins “Another Kiss”
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