Carlo Onda Drops Music Video For “Kette feat. Blanche Biau”

Carlo Onda Drops Music Video For "Kette feat. Blanche Biau"

Swiss synthwave/electronic/darkwave artist Carlo Onda (aka Karl Kave) has dropped the video for his latest single “Kette feat. Blanche Biau“.

The trac is taken from his new album “EURO89“, released last Friday,June 16 via Cold Transmission. Buy it here.

„Euro89“ is a digital and organic world at the same time. It is reminiscent, nostalgic and yet somehow demented. A symbol oft he album for me are retro filters on social media apps. Somehow glossy and over-compressed. They want to create and transfigure meaning.

Similar to our timeline in the digital world, the songs also try to geberate a narrative that becomes more and more true to us the more we hear or see it.

Watch the clip below.

Carlo Onda “Kette”

Founded in 2018, Carlo Onda symbolizes a pivotal moment in the renewal of the Darkwave scene. Adressing topics of Individualisation and Existentialism in modern society. He’s moving from fantasy to magical realism. He’s experienced in a bipolar world and this is well reflected in the combination of energy driven, lighthearted tracks with melancholic spiralling lyrics.

EURO89 Tracklist:

  1. Bad to the Bone
  2. Your Kiss so Sweet
  3. Kette
  4. Friscolino
  5. Downtown
  6. Temptation
  7. Silent at Night
  8. Hush Hush Little Baby
  9. Close to Midnight
  10. Let Me Go