Carlo Onda Reveals Music Video For “Bad to the Bone” 

Carlo Onda Reveals Music Video For "Bad to the Bone"

Swiss synthwave/electronic/darkwave artist Carlo Onda (aka Karl Kave) has revealed the video for his latest single “Bad to the Bone“.

The track features on his recent album “EURO89“, released last month, June 16 via Cold Transmission. Buy it here.

Carlo Onda’s music combines classic elements of introspective wave music with a distinct dance orientation. Together with his alter ego Karl Kave and spin-off Karl Kave & Durian, he is probably one of the hardest-working musicians under the Matterhorn.

Addressing topics of Individualization and Existentialism in modern society. He’s moving from fantasy to magical realism. He’s experienced in a bipolar world and this is well reflected in the combination of energy driven, lighthearted tracks with melancholic spiraling lyrics.

Watch the clip below.

Carlo Onda “Bad to the Bone” Lyrics:

You say you want to sleep alone
You say that you dont feel at home
Walking around the neighborhood
Thinking about the time it took
Make sense of this crazy mind
Holding on to what you find
Deep down by the riverside
Hiding all the tears you cried
Don’t cry for me

You know well i don’t sleep alone
You know well i don’t have a home
People in that neighborhood
They all know that you ain’t no good
Strolling by the riverside
Fear of falling day and night
And even in the morning light
Failing to be by your side
Don’t cry for me

Oh wont you leave me alone
Baby bad to the bone