Casket Cassette Shares “Into the Sun” Music Video

Casket Cassette Shares "Into the Sun" Music Video

Los Angeles post punk/darkwave act Casket Cassette (aka Constant Williams) “Into the Sun“.

The song is taken from his self-titled album released in July 2022. Buy it here.

Thematically, Williams’ songs frequently focus on heavy topics like mental health, breakdown, abuse, and healing process, while also bringing bright spots. The songwriting often combines optimism with pain and grief in a clearly distinguishable mixture, and musically, Casket Cassette seem firmly based on the groundbreaking underground sounds of eighties post punk.

Watch the video below.

Casket Cassette Tracklist:

  1. Funeral Shroud
  2. Breaking In Your Arms
  3. Nightmare
  4. Gone
  5. Flight
  6. Oh Stella
  7. Who Am I to You
  8. We Fade
  9. Into the Sun

Casket Cassette “Into the Sun” Lyrics:

Look into my, look into my eyes.
And when you see in, and when you see inside—
hey, the shadow’s rising, alive.
Whoa, the shadow’s rising, to the edges of the light.

Shine on into the sun, into the,
shine on into the sun.

Look right through my, look right through my guise.
Don’t you agree that, don’t you agree I shine?
Hey, the nighttime seizes my life.
Whoa, the dark diseases will go bursting in the bright.

Shine on into the sun, into the,
shine on into the sun.