Catherine Moan & Primer Air New Single/Video “Pavement 2”

Catherine Moan & Primer Air New Single/Video "Pavement 2"

Philadelphia electronic pop/synth pop artist Catherine Moan and L.A vocalist/producer Primer (aka Alyssa Midcalf) have aired the video for their new collaborative single “Pavement 2“. 

The pair share of the track, “We wrote ‘Pavement 2’ in a playful way as all the pieces came together naturally or by accident, it really encapsulates how fun songwriting can be. The song was mixed/mastered/co-produced by Trey Frye of KORINE.”

The song is out now via Born Losers Records and follows their previous single “My Heart”. Grab it here.

Watch/listen below.

Catherine Moan is an electronic pop artist from Philadelphia. Her debut album Chain Reaction is a product of a year spent habitually online in her bedroom, the music is influenced by 80s pop, indie dance, cinematic synth scores, and the songs tell a story of digital love and coping with excessive solitude with your own body in isolation.

Primer is Vocalist and electronic producer Alyssa Midcalf. Her music is an alchemical transmutation of trauma, juxtaposing harsh realities with her unique spin on ’80s-inspired synthpop.

Catherine Moan & Primer “Pavement 2” Lyrics:

I take it slow
I keep the engine running just to hear
That awful sound it makes
As it gears towards you

Oh My God!
Spilled my brains again
Eyes spin around and round slurring my words
By passing cars and lights
I can’t see its all blurry

Pavement kicking up cold sand
Wanna feel the heat of your hand
Speaking gibberish to you

Feet up on the Dash
Lights blur in a flash