Catherine Moan Releases New Single “Jawbreaker”

Catherine Moan Releases New Single "Jawbreaker"

Philadelphia electronic pop/synth pop artist Catherine Moan (aka Angel Jefferson) has released her new single “Jawbreaker“.

The song, mixed/mastered/co-produced by Trey Frye of KORINE, is out now via Born Losers Records and is the follow-up to “Pavement 2” their collaborative single with Primer, released earlier this year.

Speaking about it, Jefferson says:

“The track comes from the point of view of someone who feels replaceable, hard to love, and ultimately feels damaged by another’s actions. A ‘Jawbreaker’ is a lover not meant to last. The song is upbeat, with a broody pumping bass and vocals that sway between bright, snappy, and gloomy.”

Grab it here and take a listen below.

Catherine Moan “Jawbreaker”

Catherine Moan is the time-bending pop project of songwriter Angel Jefferson. Her debut album Chain Reaction, released in 2021, is a product of a year spent habitually online in her bedroom. The music is influenced by 80s pop, indie dance, cinematic synth scores, and the songs tell a story of digital love and coping with excessive solitude with your own body in isolation.

Photo credit: enshrine999