CD Ghost Unveil New Single “Let Go”

CD Ghost Unveil New Single "Let Go"

Los Angeles dream pop/synth wave/indie pop band CD Ghost (comprised of Cody Han and Blake Dimas) have unveiled their new single “Let Go“. 

The song, produced, and mixed by CD Ghost, mastered by Trey Frye (Korine), is the first taste of their upcoming EP ‘Vignette I‘, set to arrive in December. Get it here.

Take a listen now.

Cody Han and Blake Dimas produce a danceable brand of surrealist dream pop. The pair have journeyed from the lo-fi glaze of their debut EP “Ghost Hunting” to the richly ethereal dream bops of following EPs “Here It Comes Again” and “Dreams We Share”, with tracks such as “Undercurrent” and “Roll the Dice” earning them attention online.

Their first full-length project, “Night Music” came out in November 2022 via Born Losers Records. The record saw the duo expand their watercolor dream pop palette toward the edges and intersections of dark wave, avant-pop, and shoegaze. The project was conceived as an ode to night, inspired by the musical tradition of nocturnes – songs written about or for the night.

CD Ghost “Let Go” Lyrics:

Change your mind
We both know that you’ve been working overtime
“No it’s fine,” you said to forget it all
Adrenaline and cortisol as you fall
Spiraling, but it’s not your fault

Turn the screw and drown yourself in self-reproach
Overdose on doubt, please just let it go
Holding onto things you know you can’t control
When they’re closing in, just let go

Let it go
I promise to hold you close
Just let go
Oh please let go
I will never let you go

Think everything’s changed
And you’re not the same
It’s funny how you take the blame
Feels just like a curse
But did it occur
That we’re just growing older
Growing older still

Let it go
I promise to hold you close
Just let go
Oh please let go
I will never let you go