Confusions Share New Single/Video “Supernatural Favorites”

Confusions Share New Single/Video 'Supernatural Favorites".

Columbus, OH experimental pop band Confusions (led by Ben Turner) have shared their new single “Supernatural Favorites“.

The track features on their upcoming album ‘Muck of Morale‘, due March 10 via Earth Libraries. Pre-order it here.

Confusions have been influenced by the compositional and production processes of artists such as Animal Collective, Joanna Newsom, Portishead, Brian Eno, David Byrne, Laurie Spiegel, and Brian Wilson. 

“Supernatural Favorites is equal parts fun and haunted. Turner drew on inspiration from new wave and top 40 pop music. A strange new character emerges to tell the story of a small ghost band living inside a record, over a collage of grooves reminiscent of Talking Heads. “

Stream it below.

Confusions “Supernatural Favorites”

On Muck of Morale, Turner takes a deeper dive into electropop, psychpop, and ambient soundscapes, in his new release. He reveals new characters with his voice, uses improvisation to generate material, and refines immersive sound treatments, while presenting vocal harmonies and sampling characteristic of his sound on Grounds, but each album has a distinct feel.


  1. No Praise
  2. Same Wheel
  3. I Wouldn’t Haunt You
  4. What Will Never Be Known
  5. Blotting
  6. Ever Wonder
  7. Real Long Sleeves
  8. Paper Thin
  9. Sticking a Wrench in Your Regime
  10. Supernatural Favorites
  11. Not OK is OK
  12. Stepping Out of the Muck
  13. Swim Team