Conscious Pilot Release New Single/Video “Benidorm”

Conscious Pilot Release New Single/Video "Benidorm"

Glasgow, UK post punk band Conscious Pilot have released their new single “Benidorm“, alongside an accompanying video.

The song is taken from their debut EP ‘Epoxy Plains‘, out today March 8, via DevilDuck Records. Grab it here.

Formed by Cheap Teeth members Joe Laycock and Jack Sharp, the duo joined forces with musicians from Catholic Action and Pressure Retreat, birthing a post-punk revival supergroup.

‘Epoxy Plains’ mirrors the band’s aspiration to treat music as an exploration, steering away from their earlier endeavours. With the intention of enveloping listeners in a harmonious and rhythmic experience before guiding them into unexpected realms, the EP is a compilation of songs that aids Conscious Pilot in navigating and understanding the unfamiliar facets of the world around them. 

‘Benidorm’, is a dramatic ballad narrating the life of an ex-military expatriate spending his twilight years in Benidorm. Conscious Pilot utilises this narrative to subtly explore themes of blind patriotism, as the protagonist opts for a military career over staying with his family, who have relocated with their mother and her new partner to Benidorm. The song stands out as an operatic ballad within the EP, opening with lyrics which serve as a twisted reference to Frank Sinatra’s ‘That’s Life’. 

Speaking about it, Joe Laycock said:

For Benidorm, with the chords, structure and strong singing melody already at hand, I expressed a desire to write the song about an ex-military expat living out the latter part of his life in Benidorm. Excited by the concept, Jack laid down the bass and began the process of deconstructing the rough pop song into the warped ballad that remains. With arguably the strongest concept and theme of any song on the EP, we set out to conclude the opera in the most spacious/dramatic fashion possible, culminating in a call and response duet, boiling over with emotion and penitence.”  

Watch / listen below.

Conscious Pilot “Benidorm”

Epoxy Plains Tracklist:

  1. Halfway To Hockney
  2. Modern Religion 
  3. Silian Rail 
  4. Scarborough Warning
  5. Benidorm
  6. Archie’s