Cosmo Vitelli Airs “How Is It To Be You? Feat. Truus de Groot (Andrei Rusu Remix)”

Cosmo Vitelli Airs "How Is It To Be You? Feat. Truus de Groot (Andrei Rusu Remix)"
Cosmo Vitelli “How Is It To Be You?” Andrei Rusu Remix

Berlin DJ/Producer Cosmo Vitelli has aired the Andrei Rusu Remix of his track “How Is It To Be You? Feat. Truus de Groot“.

The remix features on his upcoming release MEDHEAD REMIXES, including remixes from his 2022 album MEDHEAD.

Set to arrive on March 17 via I’m a Cliché, the LP features 8 tracks plus an instrumental version, and it’s a reminder of the French producer’s love for reinterpretation, by playfully looking back on the album rather than being revisiting exhaustively. Pre-order it here.

Stream the remix below.

Cosmo Vitelli hasn’t slept since 1973. Instead, he’s replaced slumber with the tireless exploration of dance music, sharing his finds as an accomplished DJ and label manager but also as an esteemed producer, with heaps of records, remixes and edits under his belt.

After spending his childhood between West Africa and Central France, a young Cosmo Vitelli moves to Paris in the early 90s. More indie kid than clubber, closer to rock, post-punk, and krautrock than techno, he plays guitar in various rock bands until he figures out he’s having more fun fiddling with a 4-track recorder and a sampler than with guitars. Currently based in Berlin, Cosmo is back to releasing music under his own name.