Courting Share New Single/Video “Flex”

Courting Share New Single/Video "Flex"

Liverpool indie rock/post punk band Courting have shared their new single “Flex” and its accompanying video.

The dramaturgic track marks the band’s first release since their genre-bending debut album “Guitar Music”, which came out in Sept 2022 to widespread critical acclaim, and follows a sold-out UK tour with Circa Waves last month, as well as extensive headline tour dates, and numerous packed-out festival appearances.

Building on the energised and borderless hyperpop-influenced sound cultivated on their recent debut, the new single “Flex” sees that band further explore their thirst for creativity. A power pop banger at its roots, the track leans into vivacious riffing and upbeat drumming, as well as an euphonious and wistful horn section and lightly effected, hook-heavy vocals that explore themes of social media and online relationships through a number of acts about feeling wanted and seen.

Speaking on the concept of the track, frontman Sean Murphy-O’Neill, says:

“‘Flex’ is designed to be a theatrical performance, a short play. Our protagonist is wealthy, successful, and famous… but at what cost? Our protagonist misses their ex (after seeing their glow-up), wears Ricks, chainsmokes, sends thought-out emails about their wellbeing to people they should’ve replied to sooner, and has increased their screen time by 25%

In the thrilling conclusion, our protagonist does donuts in a closed car-park, in a 1967 mustang, with all of their friends. The event is livestreamed on twitch to be rewatched until the end of time.

‘Flex’ is as sincere as we can be. Sometimes the lines between real life and fiction get blurred here, but we’re nothing if not committed.”

Get it here and watch/listen below.

Courting “Flex”
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Photo Credit: Charlie Barclay Harris