Crush Of Souls Airs “Who Will Silence The Pigs” Music Video

Crush Of Souls Airs "Who Will Silence The Pigs" Music Video

Paris-based coldwave/synthpop/electronic project Crush Of Souls (aka Crocodiles‘ guitarist Charles Rowell) has aired the video for his current single “Who Will Silence The Pigs”.

The track features on his new album ‘(A)Void Love‘, released last month (September 29) via AVANT! Records. Get your copy here.

The video was filmed in Soligny-La-Trappe and Saint-Maurice-sur-Dargoire by his wife and frequent collaborator Laure Rowell.

Speaking about it, Rowell said: “It’s a story as old as time; life and death, heaven and hell. Where they meet and where they part. In this mini epic, we watch Charles traverse the netherworld and play scrabble with Death. He exits the lush divinity of family life and plays God with the John Gotti of the afterlife.”

Watch it below.

Crush Of Souls “Who Will Silence The Pigs”

Acoustic guitars and dramatic synths provide a cold wilderness for the various rhythms to inhabit; touches of minimal electronics, cold wave and synth pop can be found while the song writing remains classic for lovers of Echo & the Bunnymen and Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds.

Crush Of Souls ‘(A)Void Love’ Tracklist:

  1. Unloved
  2. The Gift
  3. World Of Fear
  4. Lie(Be)
  5. Youth In Smoke
  6. Reaper John
  7. Who Will Silence The Pigs
  8. Zone
  9. Statues Fall For Love
  10. Servant

Photo Credit: Laure Rowell