Crush Of Souls Announces New L ‘(A)Void Love’, Airs “The Gift”

Crush Of Souls Announces New Album '(A)Void Love', Airs "The Gift"

Paris-based electronic/coldwave/synthpop project Crush Of Souls (aka Crocodiles‘ guitarist Charles Rowell) has announced the release of his new album ‘(A)Void Love‘.

The 10-track record will be out September 29 through AVANT! Records. Pre-order your copy here.

With Paris providing the background and a scene of friends such as avant-garde drag artist Tuna Mess and industrial techno veteran Poison Point who pushed his creativity even further, Crush Of Souls constant spirit is that it remains unpredictable and thrives on collaboration.

Written over a period of intense insomnia that coincided with a run of shows playing guitar for Australian legend Harry Howard, Rowell finally found rest after writing and recording the last song ‘entitled ‘World of Fear’.

Acoustic guitars and dramatic synths provide a cold wilderness for the various rhythms to inhabit, listeners can find touches of minimal electronics, cold wave and synth pop, while the song writing remains classic for lovers of Echo & the Bunnymen and Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds.

There’s always been a thread of synth-punk, death rock and DIY noise running through all of Charles’ projects (Crocodiles, ISSUE, Flowers of Evil), however Crush Of Souls pushes harder and further into the darkness with the new album (A)Void Love.

Think Nick Cave crooning over Martin Rev’s electronics or The Lords of the New Church jamming with Wayne Hussey and Tony Wakeford.

Check out the album’s tracklist below as well as video for lead single “The Gift“.

Crush Of Souls ‘(A)Void Love’ Tracklist:

  1. Unloved
  2. The Gift
  3. World Of Fear
  4. Lie(Be)
  5. Youth In Smoke
  6. Reaper John
  7. Who Will Silence The Pigs
  8. Zone
  9. Statues Fall For Love
  10. Servant