Crush of Souls Unleashes New Single/Video “Youth In Smoke” 

Crush of Souls Unleashes New Single/Video "Youth In Smoke"

Paris-based coldwave/synthpop/electronic project Crush Of Souls (aka Crocodiles‘ guitarist Charles Rowell) has unleashed his new single “Youth In Smoke”, alongside an accompanying video.

The track is the third and final single of his upcoming new album ‘(A)Void Love‘, due to be released on September 29th via AVANT! Records. Pre-order your copy here.

Youth In Smoke features acoustic guitars and dramatic synths to provide a cold wilderness for the martial rhythms to inhabit; touches of minimal electronics, UK darkwave and cold synth-pop can be found while the song writing remains classic for lovers of Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds with hints of early Death In June.

Filmed over six intense days amidst the ancient walls of a Catalan fortress, the video to “Youth In Smoke” presents a visual journey reminiscent of “The Holy Mountain” intertwined with chilling separatist undertones.

Watch/listen below.

Crush of Souls “Youth In Smoke”

Crush of Souls ‘Youth In Smoke’ Lyrics:

Step inside
love’s last ruin
where there’s nowhere to hide.
Every feeling is confusion
when you know that
you are blind.

I asked my man
if he could do it
do it again,
an abyss of reflection
at my feet.

I asked my man
if he could make it
happen again,
a pint of blood
if you want it bad.