Cultures Unleash New Single “Meteorite”

Cultures Unleash New Single "Meteorite"

Manchester indie rock band Cultures have unleashed their new single “Meteorite“.

The announcement comes alongside news of Cultures’ first tour as well. With April seeing the trio embark on a four date run across the UK, including a hometown show at Factory on April 8th which will kick off proceedings.

Though somewhat darker than its predecessor, ‘Meteorite’ is still imbued with the same sense of optimism that has always flowed through Cultures’ work.

“The track is about how well we know ourselves and about coming back stronger and making a fresh start when things have been difficult,” explains guitarist and vocalist Josh Spivey. 

“Although I didn’t actually write the lyrics about Covid, that time spent cooped up inside and away from the world is one of the main things I think about now when I listen to the track back. We wrote the song at our drummer James’ place during a writing session when Tom saw a plane out of the window and we joked about it being a meteorite coming down. It made me think about how life would be and how we would start over again if everything ended right now. In Meteorite I wonder out loud about what kind of person I am and reference the people that know me better than I know myself.”

Get it here and take a listen below.