Curses Premieres New Single “Elegant Death”

Curses Premieres New Single "Elegant Death"

Berlin-based nu-disco / new wave / electronic producer Curses (aka Luca Venezia) has premiered his new single “Elegant Death“.

The song, produced by Curses & Johnny Jewel, is out now via Italians Do it Better, and is the first taste of his upcoming new album, Another Heaven coming this fall 2024. Grab it here.

Curses makes cinematic New Wave, threading the visceral connection between 1980’s Goth & melancholic Post-Punk to the DIY bass heavy energy of Electronic Body Music. Commenting on the track, he shares:

Death has a looming & dark reputation, it’s always there, but embracing the elegance in its romantic ceremony, & aesthetic of funerals in Italy is something that has always captured me growing up between NYC & Sicily. There is a beauty in the legacy of a person’s story that death leaves behind. I’ve lost many friends, & I’ve had to face the reality that all of us eventually leave. Overcoming the fear of death has allowed me to appreciate the importance of now, creating memories through music, to be remembered beyond when that time comes to eventually say goodbye.”

Take a listen now.

Curses “Elegant Death” Lyrics:

Don’t try to tell me
I haven’t seen death before
It’s always knocking
Knocking at my door

Repeat [1]

Soft spoken
Until the end
Hearts bleeding
Into the earth

Repeat [1]

Soft spoken
Until the end
Feel nothing
Until we burn

Repeat [1]

Dont try to tell me
Have and saw before
Nel buio nel cielo blu
Come il sole si cade giu
A heart of glass
A heart of stone

Repeat [1]