Curses Releases New Single “Another Heaven”

Curses Releases New Single "Another Heaven"

Berlin-based nu-disco / new wave / electronic producer Curses (aka Luca Venezia) has released his new single “Another Heaven“.

The song, produced by Curses & Johnny Jewel, serves as the title track of his highly-anticpated album, ‘Another Heaven’ coming this fall 2024 via Italians Do it Better. He has previously shared “Elegant Death“. Grab it here.

Curses makes cinematic New Wave, threading the visceral connection between 1980’s Goth & melancholic Post-Punk to the DIY bass heavy energy of Electronic Body Music. His latest album was 2022’s Incarnadine.

Another Heaven” is a seven minute opus that will have you floating from the dance floor to the afterlife… Speaking about it, he says:

This is a love song dedicated to the lost ones, a ballad for the lost ones to belong. We are always searching for that immortal love, divine romance, a truth to our mystery, and when we find it, we can only assume, this creature so perfect so made for you must be from an ethereal unknown place. Beyond what we’ve ever understood before. A saving love unearthly. As a teenager in NYC,  I grew up listening to a lot of Latin freestyle music, as well as goth and synth wave music. When I discovered Book of Love, it was like a revelation. A band somehow found this beautiful blend of the somewhat polarizing opposite scenes of romantic electronic music, and to this day play such a huge influence on my production and playing.”

Take a listen now.

Curses “Another Heaven” Lyrics:

Another Heaven
Why do we worship the sun?
Why do we hide from the rain.
When everyone is searching
Searching for the same
Feeling of hope
Feeling of love
Never abandon
Never alone

Are you from heaven
Another heaven

Why do we wait for the clouds
To all go away
Why do we wish for the night to fade with the pain
I wanna fall into sleep
Take a swim in your dreams
Feeling of hope
Never alone

When the clouds have lost their rain
And the storm is gone
I made a vow beyond this song
Promise to stay and never be apart
Here to heal your bleeding heart

Photo credit: Jan Philipzen