D.I.N. Release New Single “Too Much”

Los Angeles electronic/synthwave outfit D.I.N. have released their new single “Too Much“.

The song is taken from their upcoming new LP ‘UP’, set to arrive on February 3 via DKA Records. Pre-order your copy here.

On “Up”, their fourth and fullest offering, D.I.N. has effortlessly navigated a path of paradox. Josie Vand’s feathery vocal contrasts with Greg Vand’s persistent electronics, falling in and out of harmony with coy leads and unceasing rhythm.

The record is a beckoning, and one can only accept. Rigorous adherence to the palette of hardware might suggest pastiche, but here D.I.N. sidesteps a pitfall of so many contemporaries: D.I.N. plays with the past without aping it. It is through this intermingling that “Up” becomes a record not only about the experience of living now, but about the common experience of living always.

Take a listen below.