D.I.N. Release New Single “Too Much”

D.I.N. Release New Single "Too Much"

Los Angeles electronic/synthwave outfit D.I.N. have released their new single “Too Much“.

The song is taken from their upcoming new LP ‘UP‘, set to arrive on February 3 via DKA Records. Pre-order your copy here.

On “Up”, their fourth and fullest offering, the duo has effortlessly navigated a path of paradox. Josie Vand’s feathery vocal contrasts with Greg Vand’s persistent electronics, falling in and out of harmony with coy leads and unceasing rhythm.

The record is a beckoning, and one can only accept. Rigorous adherence to the palette of hardware might suggest pastiche, but here D.I.N. sidesteps a pitfall of so many contemporaries: D.I.N. plays with the past without aping it. It is through this intermingling that “Up” becomes a record not only about the experience of living now, but about the common experience of living always.

Take a listen below.

Syncopated percussion drives beneath floating melodies, threatening discord while drawing us toward something wistful, sweet and earnest. On “Something”, a playful synth lead welcomes
before its menacing partner joins in lower register; at first we feel undermined, but in fact the space has been transmuted – it now points forward.

The titular track is the most direct invitation to this new city, where light refracts through strange architecture. Fluttering harmonies point unhurriedly ahead beneath Josie’s delicate singsong. The record itself is a beckoning, and one can only accept.