Daniel Avery (feat HAAi) “Wall of Sleep (Harvey McKay Remix)”

Daniel Avery (feat HAAi) "Wall of Sleep (Harvey McKay Remix)"

London based DJ/producer Daniel Avery has unveiled the Harvey McKay Remix of his tune “Wall of Sleep“, featuring vocals from HAAi.

The original track features on his latest album ‘Ultra Truth‘, released in November last year via Phantasy Sound and Mute Records. Grab the remix here.

Commenting on the remix, Avery shares:

I’ve been playing Harvey McKay’s music in every single DJ set for a long time – the guy has an uncanny ability to shake the walls of any club – so it was a rush to get a message from the man himself saying he’d made a bootleg of Wall of Sleep. What he turned in is pretty much what you hear today: an incredible club weapon somehow crafted out of a single mp3. This has been a big record for me this summer and I particularly love how it has given a new life to HAAi’s already beautiful vocals. Enjoy!

Take a listen below.

Daniel Avery “Wall of Sleep (Harvey McKay Remix)”

Daniel Avery’s most ambitious and accomplished studio album to date, ‘Ultra Truth’, offers a very different listening experience to any of his previous records. It inhabits its own world of sound, a construct built in his Thames side studio with collaborative help from a host of friends.

Ultra Truth Tracklist:

  1. New Faith
  2. Ultra Truth
  3. Wall of Sleep
  4. The Slow Bullet
  5. Devotion
  6. Only
  7. Spider
  8. Near Perfect
  9. Higher
  10. Ache
  11. Collapsing Sky
  12. Lone Swordsman
  13. Overflowing With Escape
  14. Chaos Energy
  15. Heavy Rain