De Lux Unleash “What’s Life (Idjut Boys Dub Remix)”

De Lux Unleash "What's Life (Idjut Boys Dub Remix)"

Los Angeles based post-disco/dance-punk duo De Lux have unleashed the Idjut Boys Dub Remix of their song “What’s Life“.

The remix features on their new release ‘What’s Life (Idjut Boys Remix)‘, out today. Grab it here.

Dan Tyler and Conrad McDonnell, aka Idjut Boys, are an English duo whose dub-heavy home songs incorporate their playful love of life. The duo met in the late ’80s in Cambridge discovering that they shared a passion for similar music. Soon after, both moved to London and established the U-Star parties. The Idjuts’ fusion of dub, house, and techno soon caught on and landed them gigs DJing all over the world.

The original song features on the duo’s album ‘Do You Need A Release?’, released in September last year via via Innovative Leisure.

Stream the remix below.