Dead Leaf Echo Share Music Video For “BOO”

Brooklyn shoegaze/nouveau wave band Dead Leaf Echo have shared the music video for their latest single “BOO“.

The song is part of our current playlist and came out in October, it is the first single from their forthcoming new LP out next year. Buy it here.

Speaking about the concepts behind the video, L.G. Galleon of Dead Leaf Echo explains: “The Boo video intensifies the viewer’s visions of paranoia and fear about losing a loved one as they are trapped within a television screen forever set to watch themselves on repeat.”

An indie-dance anthem with a deliberately retro feel, the track is intended as a tribute to the late Denise Johnson (Primal Scream / New Order), the Mancunion powerhouse vocalist who blessed some of the greatest Madchester-era records with her inimitable character. Scratch beneath its Hacienda-primed sound, though and you’ll find an altogether darker and paranoid lyrical substrata. As L.G. Galleon reflects:

“Boo was written five years ago when I was pressed by my girlfriend at the time to write a joke “Manchester” song with a hook. It quickly morphed into a partial ode to Denise Johnson who passed away during the pandemic and also into a creepy Halloween song about surveillance, discovery and scaring your “Boo” with the truth about all your hidden secrets.”

Watch the clip below.