Death Bells Announce New EP ‘Take My Spirit Now’

Death Bells Announce New EP 'Take My Spirit Now'

Los Angeles-via-Sydney dream pop/post-punk band Death Bells have announced the release of their new EP ‘Take My Spirit Now‘, and have shared the video for its title track.

The the “spiritually guided” new EP will be out on July 21 via Dais Records, and is the follow-up to last year’s album Between Here & Everywhere. Pre-order your copy here.

‘Take My Spirit Now’ explores themes of love, paranoia, and destiny. The band enlisted longtime friend Morgan Wright, of Australian label Burning Rose, to mix the EP, with Wright’s background in electronic music influencing the more programmatic elements of the release.

The five songs were written and recorded in late 2022, after months of touring North America and Europe. ‘Take My Spirit Now’ introduces an unruly new sound, with jagged guitars careening through towering feedback and textured drums.

Video director Will Canning says: “Take My Spirit Now” was the first song that began to feel fully realized when we were recording late last year. There’s something wild and dangerous about the sound of it, which inspired some of the chorus’ lyrics. The song is more about a feeling than a specific time or place.”

“We’re portraying a simple analogy – the idea that sitting in the backseat, going along with the ride, is fun. Sometimes you’re on the ride alone, sometimes with someone else. Who’s driving? Doesn’t matter. Where are they going? Doesn’t matter.” – Collin Fletcher

Watch/listen below.

Death Bells ‘Take My Spirit Now’

Take My Spirit Now EP Tracklist:

  1. Take My Spirit Now
  2. Visitor
  3. Locked In
  4. Heaven Is Your Company
  5. Surrender