Deathtrippers – Band of The Month (December)

This month’s featured band is Leeds, UK psych rock/electronic/shoegaze band Deathtrippers.

DEATHTRIPPERS was formed by the very talented Sasha Raoul in Leeds, UK, 2015. His influences being classic 80s’ gothic rock / psych / electronica / 80s’ indie and shoegaze are evident in their releases to date, the ‘Unity Of Light EP’ (2017) and ‘Disintegrate’ (2018), both recorded by the also multi-talented Richard Formby. They have also contributed a couple of tracks to compilations in 2020. Each song is a dancefloor smasher in its own style.

The band has gone through numerous line-up changes but is now settled as a solid 3 piece; Sasha (vox / instruments), Rick (guitar) and Oli (bass / drum machine).

Their new album ‘Passion & Fire‘ is out now and has a dark, very 80s sounding ethereal sound somewhat in the vein of The Mission, with the band joking that they are “making music for goths to drop ecstasy to”.