Deathtrippers: Band of The Month (December)

Deathtrippers: Band of The Month (December)
Deathtrippers: Band of The Month (December)

Our featured band this month is Leeds, UK psych rock/electronic/shoegaze band Deathtrippers.


DEATHTRIPPERS was formed by the very talented Sasha Raoul in Leeds, UK, 2015. His influences being classic 80s’ gothic rock / psych / electronica / 80s’ indie and shoegaze are evident in their releases to date, the ‘Unity Of Light EP’ (2017) and ‘Disintegrate’ (2018), both recorded by the also multi-talented Richard Formby. They have also contributed a couple of tracks to compilations in 2020. Each song is a dancefloor smasher in its own style.

The band has gone through numerous line-up changes but is now settled as a solid 3 piece; Sasha (vox / instruments), Rick (guitar) and Oli (bass / drum machine).

Their new album ‘Passion & Fire‘ is out now and has a dark, very 80s sounding ethereal sound somewhat in the vein of The Mission, with the band joking that they are “making music for goths to drop ecstasy to”.

“Passion & Fire” is a collection of new tracks in a classic UK-style goth rock which is not really a surprise as they hail from Leeds, a city renowned for its gothic music scene in the 80s with bands like The March Violets, The Three Johns, Salvation, Red Lorry Yellow Lorry, and The Sisters of Mercy. Deathtrippers continue this tradition while blending it with guitar wave influences from bands like Lowlife and Sad Lovers & Giants.

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