Decisive Pink Share New Single/Video “Dopamine”

Decisive Pink Share New Single/Video "Dopamine"

New York indie pop/alternative duo Decisive Pink (aka Angel Deradoorian and Kate NV) have aired the video for their catchy new single “Dopamine“, and have also announced a special live show at Union Pool in New York on 16th May.

The track features on their highly anticipated debut album ‘Ticket To Fame‘, which will hit the stores on June 9 via Fire Records. Pre-order your copy here.

One of their most direct tracks, ‘Dopamine’ acts as a commentary on excess and consumerist addiction and is a life-lesson, albeit sugar-coated courtesy of an incredibly catchy melody and beat. Both singing the initial melody line, that somehow this gives a slightly malevolent air to the track, is a pithy commentary on the brutal mind-spiralling that occurs when people get caught up in impulsive shopping.

The track’s payoff is a glorious telephone conversation between a dominant, slick automated voice, and a hesitant all-too-human customer. It is brilliant and a mnemonic to the similar power struggle heard in recently released track ‘Destiny’.

Accompanying the track comes new video from JJ Stratford who directed their ‘Ode To Boy’ video out last month. The clip sees the duo in a warehouse in a frenzied state as they receive a dopamine hit.

Watch/listen below.

Decisive Pink “Dopamine”