Deeper Announce New Album ‘Careful!’, Stream “Build a Bridge”

Deeper Announce New Album 'Careful!', Stream "Build a Bridge"

Chicago post punk/indie rock band Deeper have announced the release of their third studio album ‘Careful!‘ and have shared their new single “Build a Bridge“.

The follow up to 2020’s Auto-Pain, will be out on September 8 via Sub Pop Records. Pre-order it here.

You can’t get Deeper if you’re standing still. That’s intentional, says the quartet’s Nic Gohl. “Does it feel good when you’re listening to this song? Does your body want to move with it?” These are the questions he asked himself as he and bandmates Shiraz Bhatti, Drew McBride, and Kevin Fairbairn were writing and recording Careful!, their third record and Sub Pop debut. “I wanted these to be interesting songs, but in a way where a two-year-old would vibe out to it,” Gohl adds. “It’s pop music, basically.”

That “basically” qualifier is working pretty hard, as fans of Auto-Pain might suppose. Auto-Pain was an album of thick brutalist architecture, full of straight lines and sharp angles, making hard shapes strong enough to carry a heavy thematic burden. 

On Careful!, they’re reshaping the facades and splashing color, not reimagining their sound so much as testing its limits. There are synth experiments, there are moments of nauseatingly powerful darkwave and coldbeat. There are massive rock’n’roll songs that you can imagine 10,000 people singing along to in some beautiful outdoor setting.

Following the previously released single “Sub” comes “Build a Bridge.” Using a prickly guitar line to launch into big, smeary art-pop, its emotional palette is clear, well-defined, and easy to latch onto.

Deeper say about the single and video:

“‘Build a Bridge’ was the first song written remotely in a new format that would come to define the writing process of Careful!. In the early days of the band, we would throw shit at the wall in our practice space and see what stuck. Being forced to stay in our apartments during lockdown allowed us to apply more intention to a song and really dissect it piece by piece.

“We worked with Austin Vesely (Chance the Rapper, Whitney) on the video in which the band is hooked up to a machine, taking turns controlling alternate versions of ourselves in a different dimension. The sequence keeps repeating with each of us failing, but each attempt equips us with more knowledge from these prior failures to eventually succeed in vanquishing the spirit.”

Check out the album’s tracklist and listen to “Build a Bridge“, below.

Careful! Tracklisting:

  1. Build a Bridge
  2. Heat Lamp
  3. Glare
  4. Tele
  5. Bite
  6. Pilsen 4th
  7. Sub
  8. Fame
  9. Everynight
  10. Airplane Air
  11. devil-loc
  12. Dualbass
  13. Pressure