Dermabrasion Reveal New Single “Psychic Event”

Dermabrasion Reveal New Single "Psychic Event"

Toronto-based synth-punk/post punk duo Dermabrasion (made up of Adam Bernhardt and Kat McGouran) have revealed their new single “Psychic Event“.

The track is the latest preview of their debut full-length album ‘Pain Behaviour‘, out tomorrow, January 26 via Hand Drawn Dracula Records. Pre-order it here.

Pain Behaviour chews up and spits out sonic motifs across 10 tracks that piece together a collection of influences reflecting the years both musicians have spent skulking around their city’s nightlife.

Speaking about the single, McGouran syas: “There’s references to skin, flesh, or body on almost every song on Pain Behaviour, but ‘Psychic Event’ is the fleshiest. A misquote from an adaptation of a Ballard novel provides the name, the intersections of sainthood and suffering provide the meat and bones. Taking inspiration from Videodrome and Tassaert’s painting The Temptation of Saint Hilarion, this song is somewhat of the record’s thesis statement. A meditation on an obsession with the body—one’s own, another’s, positive or negative. The track’s textured tones and slower, more subdued tempo help ensure maximum brooding and ruminating.”

Take a listen below.

Dermabrasion “Psychic Event”

Psychic Event Tracklist:

  1. Halberdier
  2. Grim Sister
  3. Goblin Dance
  4. Proving Grounds
  5. Betrayer Moon
  6. Magic Missile
  7. Sleepless
  8. Psychic Event
  9. In The Time Of Queens
  10. Blight