Dina Summer Drop New Single “Unter Strom”

Dina Summer Drop New Single "Unter Strom"
Dina Summer “Unter Strom”

Dina Summer, the collaborative project by Bavarian-born producer Kalipo and the DJ/producer couple Local Suicide, have dropped their new single “Unter Strom“.

The track features on their upcoming new EP ‘Hide & Seek‘, which will be out on February 23rd through Iptamenos Discos. Pre-order your copy here.

Impassioned and electric from start to finish, ‘Hide & Seek’ invites you to indulge in the excess, glamour, and magic of the 80s. Featuring a blend of new wave, dark disco and EBM fuelled techno, the EP embraces the nostalgic synth filled sound of the past whilst bringing a modern touch. The duo have previously released the EP’s title track and “All Or Nothing”.

Unter Strom’ features a dramatic opening that inspires visions of a night sky soaked in neon light. The energy slowly builds until the drums burst onto the scene and you feel at home within the beat. A euphoric melody and captivating vocals perfectly embody the ecstatic feeling of a full dance floor and is setting the tone for what’s to come.

Take a listen below.

Hide & Seek Tracklist:

  1. Unter Strom
  2. Hide & Seek
  3. All Or Nothing
  4. Excess
  5. Unter Strom (Radio Edit)
  6. Hide & Seek (Club Edit)
  7. Unter Strom (Club Edit)

    Photo credit: Petra Ruehle