Domestic Exile Release “Disziplin Und Kraft”

Domestic Exile Release "Disziplin Und Kraft"
Domestic Exile “Disziplin Und Kraft”

American EBM/post punk/techno project Domestic Exile have released their new tune “Disziplin Und Kraft“.

The track features on their new record ‘Domestic Exile‘, out today, December 1st via DKA Records. Grab it here.

Domestic Exile consists of label co-founder Chris Daresta and regular DKA collaborator Travis Thatcher along with Karger Traum’s Taylor Mckenzie on vocals. Taking its name from the influential and beloved cassette release “Domestic Exile” by Daniele Ciullini from 1983, the unworldly sounds of which seemed to so perfectly mirror the sound of the fledgling trio. With a name selected, the band Domestic Exile was now complete.

The music on Domestic Exile’s “self-titled” cassette is influenced by the already mentioned Daniele Ciullini of course, but one can easily hear industrial touchstones DAF and Liaisons Dangereuses, through the experimental filter of adventurous musicians like Drexciya, Cluster, Neu, and even the manic Void side of the Faith/Void LP.

This is moody EBM dance music for those who like the darker, murkier, and obscure cassette releases of the eighties. Domestic Exile is a futurist soundtrack for the straggling and obstinate machines, still partying at the end of the world, despite the obvious. 

Take a listen below.

Domestic Exile Tracklist:

  1. Die Erde Dreht Noch
  2. Disziplin Und Kraft
  3. Auf Der Hand 03:47
  4. Die Tiere in der Luft
  5. Du Auch
  6. Das Was Unter Mir Hängt