downtalker Air “All My Friends Are Dead” & “Watch Your Heart Break”

downtalker Air "All My Friends Are Dead" & "Watch Your Heart Break"

Boston-based post-punk disco project downtalker have two new singles “All My Friends Are Dead” and “Watch Your Heart Break“.

The tracks, mixed by Juan Pieczanski (Small Black, Juan’s Basement), are upbeat in nature but serious in tone, as they lyrically explore the addiction and recovery experienced by downtalker’s Darin Thompson. The hypnotic “All My Friends Are Dead” takes us deep into the recovery process, while the yearning “Watch Your Heart Break” calls out to other addicts that it’s not too late to seek help. 

UPDATE 9/18/2023: “All My Friends Are Dead” is our new Single of the Week!

Everything in the musical world of downtalker arrives with specific intent and meaning, though it may be a simple coincidence that the two new singles clock in at just over seven minutes in combined length as Thompson celebrates seven years of sobriety and recovery from drug addiction. 

“For me, releasing music is one of the most uncomfortable yet beautiful things in this world,” says Thompson. “The beautiful part is the connections you make with people and I’m so excited to connect with those who have gone through similar things. The way I write is quite subconscious. So much so that I have that word tattooed on me. The music just opens me up. It’s always a healing journey and it’s always a pit in my stomach because every word I sing is my truth and I believe if you’re not feeling uncomfortable with the truth in your art you’re not doing it right. I’m trying to heal and trying to figure out why all these moments are sticking in my head.” 

“Music is part of my recovery and part of my healing now and I’m hoping that by being honest about my life, all my experiences will shine a light on this disease and also make others feel like they are not alone. We aren’t alone. We have each other. The song is called ‘All My Friends Are Dead’ but I’m hoping it will have the opposite effect and bring us together. Alone we can’t but together we can.”

Darin Thompson
On “All My Friends Are Dead” and “Watch Your Heart Break,” downtalker captures a kinetic energy and hyper-active style and presents their tales of desperation and despair repackaged with an underlying message of hope.

“Our music can appear unhinged on the surface, but there’s always an underlying melodic or vocal hook to keep us grounded,” says Justin Mantell. “We really enjoy stretching the boundaries of sound design, adopting and exploring elements of noise, punk, disco, and pop. In the past we lacked the confidence to create what we really wanted to create, but now we write and release what feels to us as the most truthful representation of where we are as songwriters at this stage in our careers.”

Both tracks are out now via Iodine Recordings. Take a listen below.

downtalker is: Darin Thompson (lead vocals, synth, bass, guitar), Justin Mantell (synth, guitar, bass, backing vocals), and Matt Freake (drums, percussion, backing vocals)

Photo Credit: Alexa Noe