Drab Majesty Air New Single/Video “The Skin And The Glove”

Drab Majesty Airs New Single/Video "The Skin And The Glove"

Los Angeles based goth/new wave/post-punk project Drab Majesty aka Deb Demure, the androgynous alter-ego of musician Andrew Clinco and partner Mona D (Alex Nicolaou), have aired their new single “The Skin And The Glove” and its accompanying video.

It’s the second taste of their new EP ‘An Object in Motion‘, due out on August 25th via Dais Records, featuring collaborations by Rachel Goswell (Slowdive, Mojave 3), Justin Meldal-Johnson (Beck, M83, Air), and Ben Greenberg (Uniform, Circular Ruin Studio). Get it here.

UPDATE 07/17/2023: “The Skin And The Glove” is our new Single of the Week!

“The Skin And The Glove” deploys jangle to different effect – baggy, soaring, grey-skied kaleidoscopic pop in the spirit of Stone Roses, Primal Scream, and The Glove.

Watch/listen below.

A talented multi-instrumentalist, DeMure composes all of the elements of Drab Majesty. However, rather than taking personal credit for the music, DeMure insists that the inspiration for the songs is received from an other-worldly source and that Deb is merely a vessel through which outside ideas flow inward. But Drab Majesty is more than just a musical project — it’s a methodical experiment in the identity of creativity.

Drab Majesty “The Skin And The Glove” Lyrics:

I can see the days
Flashing frames of time
Passing through the mind
It’s too late to find yesterday
So we lay down down
And we sleep so sound

The spatial divide of the skin and the glove Is the same as the ride from below to above

I can feel the waves
Crashing on the sand
Passing through my hands
Far away just like yesterday
Fall away down down
Fall away to the ground

I don’t know if I can really see your face
Withered lines of age
Mirror mine the same
Looking through the cage of yesterday
Yesterday, down down
And we’ll sleep so sound

The spatial divide of the skin and the glove Is the same as the ride from below to above

Photo credit Corinne Schiavone