Dream Dali Reveal “I Haven’t Slept” Music Video

Dream Dali Reveal "I Haven't Slept" Music Video

Brisbane dark wave/psych band Dream Dali have revealed the video for their latest single “I Haven’t Slept”.

The track features on their debut album ‘Letters From The Light‘, included in out Best Albums of 2022 list. Get it here if you haven’t already.

“I Haven’t Slept” explore feelings of distrust and question the words of a reassuring lover, asking yourself; is this help or are these empty words of self-righteousness and obliviousness?

Watch the video below.

Dream Dali “I Haven’t Slept”

Delivering an entrancing surge of mind-bending dark wave psychedelia with rousing alt-rock romanticism, Dream Dali have been warping minds and transfixing audiences since their inception, with last year seeing the band take it up a notch thanks to the release of their debut EP ‘Life in Legato’.

The band met in the deserts of the Joshua Tree as teenagers where their parents escaped their hectic lifestyles as doctors and musicians to pursue a quieter life.

Known for their uniquely artistic live performances, Dream Dali’s music is paired with white lighting, set to a backdrop of visuals from Dada films and black and white surrealist imagery from the 1930s, creating a truly mesmerising musical experience.

Letters from the Light Tracklist:

  1. Wandering
  2. Without a Soul
  3. Being or Becoming
  4. Rosary
  5. I Haven’t Slept
  6. Hold Me Down
  7. Let Love In
  8. Caught Beneath
  9. Wicked Sunday
  10. She Wants