Dual Vision & Mahaya Release New Single “We Are Sick”

Dual Vision & Mahaya Release New Single "We Are Sick"

Italian DJ/producer Dual Vision and Greek psytrance duo Mahaya have released a new collaborative single called “We Are Sick“.

Prepare to become part of a therapeutic musical experience as you immerse yourself in the profound sounds of “We are Sick”. This track promises to transport you to the heart of the dance floor, where the music and the collective energy become a source of healing and unity.

Featuring intricate beats, hypnotic melodies, and an immersive atmosphere with enigmatic vocals, takes you on a mesmerizing voyage to elevate your consciousness, where the boundaries of reality blur, and the music becomes a healing remedy for the soul.

The track is out now through IONO Music. Grab it here and take a listen now.

Dual Vision & Mahaya “We Are Sick”

About Dual Vision

Dual Vision born in 2012 from the union of longtime friends Michele Pedrotti aka Kettenburg and Matteo Paternoster. Both have been individually active in the world of electronic based dance floor music production. After many years of collaboration Matteo left the project and Michele continued his musical journey exploring new ways.

About Mahaya

Mahaya emerges as an important presence in the electronic music world. Crafted by the visionary minds of Artists Nicolas Zaro and Alex. A, this newly formed group is set to ignite a blazing trail with their electrifying soundscapes. Get ready to experience the unrivaled magic that emerges when two musical souls reunite to reshape the very fabric of Psytrance. The future of electronic music is here, and it pulsates with the electrifying force of Mahaya.