Duran Duran Unveil Music Video For “Black Moonlight”

Duran Duran Unveil Music Video For "Black Moonlight"

British new romantic legends Duran Duran have unveiled the video for their latest single “Black Moonlight“.

The track features on their new album ‘Danse Macabre‘, released last month (October 27) via BMG. Buy your copy here.

‘Black Moonlight’ sees the band reunited with long-time friend and collaborator Nile Rodgers in a timeless display of dance-rock glamour.

Speaking about ‘Black Moonlight’, keyboardist Nick Rhodes said: “Nile Rogers is a force of nature. When we get into a room, we start playing, and magic happens. Nile always says that CHIC is his first band, and Duran Duran is his second. Thematically, I personally prefer the moon to the sun. Simon took the idea and ran with it.”

Of the video, director Jonas Åkerlund says: “From the moment I heard ‘Black Moonlight’ and saw the album artwork I knew exactly what we needed to do. We all shared an interest in the occult and gothic aesthetics, so we dove into the dark side, together. “

Rhodes added, “Shooting ‘Black Moonlight’ was the most fun we have all had on a video set in many years. I have always felt the best music videos are all about the ideas – having a séance in a haunted house was a perfect fit for this song. The director, Jonas Åkerlund, truly understands style, attitude and atmosphere. He seized the moment and created an extraordinarily unique short film with us for the song ‘Black Moonlight.’”

Watch it below.

Duran Duran “Black Moonlight”