Dutch Criminal Record Drop “Now or Never” Music Video

Dutch Criminal Record Drop "Now or Never" Music Video

Chichester, UK indie /surf band Dutch Criminal Record have dropped the video for their latest single “Now or Never“.

The track is part of our current playlist and came out last month (April 26). Buy it here.

A rock-inspired, nostalgic hit to transport you to the British indie music scene, ‘Now or Never’ flaunts beautiful harmony layering, foot-tapping percussion, and guitar riffs you’ll want to listen to on repeat. With vocals reminiscent of an 80’s indie-surf band.

Speaking about it, vocalist / writer Sam Thrussell, said:

“’Now or Never’ began life very differently – as a little acoustic guitar demo I made. I used a tuning that I had adapted from a John Fahey piece I was learning at the time (DGDF#AD) and was inspired by M. Ward’s ‘The First Time I Ran Away’! I showed the band and they both were adamant it could be adapted into a full band DCR tune, which is where we added the dreamy intro and the heavy (by our standards) rock out at the end! The song itself is about acknowledging your mistakes and shortcomings and hopefully becoming a better person from that as a result.”

Watch the Harry Tomlin-directed video below.

Dutch Criminal Record “Now or Never”

Upcoming tour dates:

12/07 – Jurassic Fields
20/07 – Forest Fest
26/07 – Secret Garden Party
24/08 – Camper Calling
25/08 – Victorious

Photo credit: Indy Brewer