Dutch Experts Premieres New Single “Bound by This”

Dutch Experts Premieres New Single "Bound by This"
Dutch Experts “Bound by This”

Vermont new wave/synthwave/shoegaze artist Dutch Experts (aka Hannah Hoffman) has premiered her excellent new single “Bound by This“.

The song serves as the title track of her upcoming debut EP ‘Bound by This‘, out on February 24. Pre-order it here.

Navigating ego death, facing internalized trauma and inherited behaviors, as well as learning the act of self-love, are the central themes of the EP. Written during the pandemic, singer and songwriter Hannah Hoffman faced with the challenges posed by long-Covid symptoms, isolation, and what she likens to a “deep-dive into her Saturn Return”.

Largely influenced by the sonic landscape of 80’s synth pop, Hoffman created a dreamlike tapestry interwoven with the fabric of intimate details from her time spent during the early moments of the Covid Pandemic and the introspection she faced there.

Take a listen below.

Born out of the Covid Pandemic, Dutch Experts is inspired by the gothic landscape of The Cure, and melodic choices informed by Kate Bush and Cocteau Twins. Capturing a uniquely modern sound with an 80s sonic sensibility, undulating synths driven by chorus-laden bass and danceable drum beats, pair with Hoffman’s euphonious soprano.

Bound by This’ EP Tracklist:

  1. Bound by This
  2. Your Heart
  3. Soon
  4. Morrígu