Eades Air New Single/Video “Reno Pt. 2”

Eades Air New Single/Video "Reno Pt. 2"

Leeds garage rock/post punk/alt band Eades have aired the video for their new single “Reno Pt 2“.

The song is out now via Bam Bam Records and follows last year’s debut album Delusion Spree. Get it here.

Continuing on from Reno, Reno Pt.2 keeps that elevated enthusiasm at the forefront of this raucous and dynamic ensemble. That immediate introduction to the punchy riffs and scratchy guitar tone, elevated by the buoyant beats and raw vocal notes.

Lyricist and co-vocalist Tom O’Reilly explains the thematic origins: 

“We thought it would be interesting to see where we could take the original story of Reno, trading in the chaotic setting of a crime scene, for the courtroom drama that followed. It’s a departure from what the band once was, and a taste of what’s to come.”

Frontman Harry Jordan adds a little on the direct sonic links between the sister-tracks: 

“We had a lot of fun tying in little riffs and themes from the original and then twisting them on their head for a new setting. If you listen carefully you can hear the guitar solo from the original buried amongst the noise in the middle jam section with some extra wonk to it.”  

Similarly, the lyrics from the first instalment make up part of the vivid collage, in an approach that also sees the band toy with storytelling occupying that liminal space between poetic and sordid: 

“The final line “Out of the fire, out into the cold” is a mimic of the final line of the original, so it comes full circle. 

As a writer, I’ve become really drawn into the way Lou Reed tells these tales of debauched characters on the fringes of society in the strange settings they find themselves.” 

Watch/listen below.

Eades “Reno Pt 2”
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