Echoberyl Drop Music Video For “Blue Ophelia”

Echoberyl Drop Music Video For "Blue Ophelia"

French coldwave/post punk/synthwave duo Echoberyl, made up of  Adriano Iacoangeli and Cecilia Dassonneville, have dropped a super8 film music video for “Blue Ophelia“.

The song, “inspired by and quoted from the poem “Ophélie” by Arthur Rimbaud,” features on their 2021 album ‘Mother Solitude and Other Dark Tales’. Get it here.

Watch the video below.

Cecilia and Adriano are passionate storytellers using dark, pulsating music as their primary medium. Since their inception, Echoberyl has carved out a very personal space in the dark scene thanks to tracks with a distinctive personality, powerful sounds and melancholy melodies. Songs full of fascinating, scary, sensual, multifaceted female characters to reflect on the present and on our destiny. The duo is currently working on their next album.

Echoberyl “Blue Ophelia” Lyrics:

Under the moonlight
A pale girl is singing by the river
Heart beating hard
Dying flowers all around her
She lost her mind

Blue Ophélia
Blue Ophélia

Sur l’onde calme et noire où dorment les étoiles
La blanche Ophélia flotte
Comme un grand lys, comme un grand lys

(On the calm and black water where the stars are sleeping
White Ophélia floats
Like a great lily, like a great lily)

Embraced by the dark waters
Closing her eyes, cause it’s all over
She sings one last song
Floating flowers, all around her
She leaves her mind

Blue Ophélia
Pâle Ophélia
Blue Ophelia
Belle comme la neige (beautiful as snow)

Blue Ophélia, blue Ophélia