Echolust Unveil New Single “Keep”

Echolust Unveil New Single "Keep"

Long Beach, CA post-punk/shoegaze/synth band Echolust have unveiled their new single “Keep“.

The song is out now and follows their single “If I“, released in October last year. Grab it here.

Speaking about it, they share:

This is probably one of the slowest songs we’ve ever recorded. We began the recording sometime around the pandemic, and it was left unfinished for a few years until we finally decided it was time to bring it to a close and wrap it up. We hope that you enjoy it.”

Take a listen below.

Echolust “Keep” Lyrics:

If anything she’s learned
Whatever made her stay
It’s kept tight in the past
And swiftly thrown again
Beneath mascara eyes
Her spirit flies away
Like withered sleepy skies
Or rubbish in the rain

It’s hers to keep
To keep

Too pretty, she’s insane
But still alive inside
The finest of its kind
Will never give your time
If anything she’s learned,
Whatever made her say
Was never meant to last
And now it’s thrown away

She don’t even care
To be

Too many different paths
To choose for her regard
Her kindled burning heart
Will never get too far
Beneath her tender smile
She stood alone inside
And now beneath the stars
A whisper lost in time

It’s hers to keep
To keep, to keep, to keep