Emily Breeze Releases “Confessions Of An Ageing Party Girl”

Emily Breeze Releases "Confessions Of An Ageing Party Girl"

Bristol based pop noir artist Emily Breeze has released her new single “Confessions Of An Ageing Party Girl“.

The song features on her new album ‘RAPTURE ‘(a glitter drenched gothic disco machine), set to arrive this Friday, February 10 via Sugar Shack Records Grab it here.

Written and recorded in her 40th year on planet earth, Rapture‘s songs are a poignant and humorous take on how it feels to grow old disgracefully in an increasingly weird world.

She describes the record as “a collection of coming-of (middle) age stories which celebrate flamboyant failure, excess and acceptance. I was receiving advice from music industry types to try and hide my age as if it was a dirty secret like an S.T.D or a disgraced royal, so I decided to do the exact opposite”.

Emily brands a intricately mastered fusion of Blondie-esque disco beats as well as the musings of a young Patti Smith or the cadence of PJ Harvey.

Finally, ‘Confessions Of An Ageing Party Girl’ is a sing-along torch song for those who should have left the party three hours, five drinks, or ten years ago…For those unable to resist the yearning to stay out late and fall in love under an out of focus mirror ball.

Watch/listen below.

Emily Breeze Releases “Confessions Of An Ageing Party Girl”

Rapture Tracklisting:

  1. Ordinary Life
  2. The Bell
  3. Oh, Anna Nicole
  4. Dance With The Rats
  5. Confessions Of An Ageing Party Girl
  6. Part Of Me
  7. Cosmic Evolution
  8. Turn Me On
  9. Chelsea Satanist
  10. Hey Kidz