ERRORR Release “Innocent” Music Video

ERRORR Release "Innocent" Music Video

Berlin noise pop/post punk band ERRORR have aired the video for their new single “Innocent“.

The song is part of our current playlist and features on their upcoming debut album ‘Self Destruct‘, coming out on the 3rd of March via Anomic Records. Pre-order your copy here.

ERRORR was founded by Leonard Kaage; the Swedish multi-instrumentalist also known as the producer and guitar player of The Underground Youth, Kaage has also worked with numerous other bands like The Brian Jonestown Massacre, Kristof Hahn (SWANS), Tess Parks and many more.

About Innocent, Leonard says:

“Unlike the other songs on the record, this one tells a story. It’s a story about a man who is told by his God to kill. He goes through with it and afterwards plead innocense as he only acted out his Gods will.
Whether God is in heaven or just in peoples’ head is not up to me to decide but for me the message with this song is: take responsibility for your own actions. I think the idea was first inspired by the American serial killer and satanic cult member known as Son of Sam who claimed that his murders were an act controled by an evil demonic possession.”

The music video, starring fellow musician and visual artist Gloria Endres De Oliveira and well known writer and DJ Henryk Gericke, could be a reinterpretation by Michael Haneke of the cult movie Valery and Her Week of Wonders.

The main inspiration for the music video though was a documentary about a covered up murder of a Nun. A priest killed her when she found out that he was sexually abusing the girls of a catholic school together with other priests. Subsequently the priest just ended up relocated into a different church and school.

Watch it below.

ERRORR “Innocent”

Disbelief in authoritarian structures and reflecting on life in modern western society is what characterizes the lyrics of ERRORR.

That’s not to say the lyrical content of ERRORR’s songs is pure rage, on the contrary, the songs have an immense emotional depth and vulnerability to them that sets them aside from any other run-of-the-mill ‘loud band’. There is a frustration with ones surroundings and injustices as well as a lust and love for life, people and making music.