Exclusive Interview: Scattered Ashes

Exclusive Interview: Scattered Ashes

Scattered Ashes are an abrasive Dublin four-piece ranging in influence from Goth to Punk. They cite influences from Killing Joke, Interpol and Joy Division but they have their own identity, which is defined by urgent guitars and prophetic vocals, matching aggressive sonic textures with a strict sense of space. 

The band released their debut single ‘Love Is Not An Option’ in November 2020, receiving airplay from the most important stations. The ‘Parallel Lines EP’ came out in 2021, selling out in its first week in Rough Trade stores throughout the UK.

Last year’s tracks Feraland ‘This New Will’, earned the band Editorial support on Spotify with the tracks featuring on Melomania, The PUNK List and All New PUNK playlists. 

Their recent single Battles’, which speaks of the dire consequences of addiction, finds the band as their most prophetic.

We caught up with lead singer/guitarist Robert Dalton to talk about the band’s influences, new music and more.

Joy Division are probably my favorite band in term of lyrics, music, aesthetic and overall body of work. Their music was so visceral and intense, its like nothing else.

Robert Dalton
Give us a brief introduction to who Scattered Ashes are

Scattered Ashes are: Robert Dalton, Ben Downes (lead guitar), Tom Dalton (bass/guitar/backing vocals), Cillian Sheil (drums).

What Inspired The Band To Form And How Did It Come Together?

RD: Ben and I met in college and that was really the genesis of the band, shortly after I met Tom and Cillian through music forums online after finding we shared incredibly similar music tastes.

What’s The Origin Of The Band’s Name?

RD: It comes from a canto in ‘Dante’s Divine Comedy: Inferno’ where Dante describes a snake-pit full of sinners who’s eternal punishment is to be chased by these snakes, bitten, and turned into ash only for the ashes to gather and reform their bodies so that they repeat the same endless cycle over and over again.. Dante described the ‘ashes scattered amongst the ground’ in the scene and I immediately resonated with the phrase.

What Are The Main Influences On Your Band?

RD: Interpol, Editors, Joy Division, Strokes, Walkmen, U2, PJ Harvey, Iggy Pop, DIIV

What Is Your Favorite Song And Band Of All Time?

RD: Joy Division are probably my favorite band in term of lyrics, music, aesthetic and overall body of work. Their music was so visceral and intense, its like nothing else.

Song always changes but for the moment I’m going to say Sam Cooke’s ‘A Change Is Gonna Come’

How do you describe your music to people who may not have heard it yet?

RD: Angular, brooding, sombre with plenty of melody.

How do you feel about the way your music has been received?

RD: We are delighted, it means everything to us that people from all over the world are connecting with our music.

Which are the 3 bands with which you should play at a festival.

RD: Wu Tang Clan, For Those I Love, Gil-Scott Heron

Which comes first, the lyrics or the melodies?

RD: It really depends, although more often than not its the melodies.

What are your plans for the rest of the year? Is there any plan for a full-length in the near future?

RD: We are working with Gilla Band’s Dan Fox on 2 new singles which should be released later this year. We’re doing some more shows in UK and Ireland over the summer along with a festival appearance in Portugal this December. Yes there is plans for a full length but it won’t be this year.

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