Eyes of Others Reveals “Big Companies, Large Tentacles”

Eyes of Others Reveals "Big Companies, Large Tentacles"

Scottish indie/electronic/leftfield pop musician Eyes Of Others (aka John Bryden) has revealed his new single “Big Companies, Large Tentacles“, alongside an accompanying music video.

The track is lifted from his forthcoming self-titled debut album, which will be out on May 29 via Heavenly Recordings. Pre-order your copy here.

Marrying the anything-goes, freestyle magpie tendencies of Beck and The Beta Band to the electronic stylings of primetime 80s New Order by way of the spacious moods conjured by King Tubby, Eyes of Others debut’s whimsical demeanour is the perfect sonic balm to the utter confusion of the outside world. As is its sense of almost Balearic musical freedom. Such a mindset is fundamental to the music according to Bryden.

Talking about the track, John said: 

A while ago I visited Sigmund Freud’s old house. I stared at his couch in his study for a good five minutes. I thought of all the twisted souls who would take up there as he went about his psychoanalysis and excavations of the mind.

Big Companies, Large Tentacles, is an ode to a turbulent session on Freud’s couch. Where words are not enough, overwhelmed by emotions and dust particles permeating the psyche, it is something to be purged and tossed into an acid bath with a sort of gay abandon. 

Watch/listen below.