Fake Fever Reveals New Single “Unknowable”

Fake Fever Reveals New Single "Unknowable"

NYC-based singer/songwriter/producer Andrew Barnes dream pop/synthwave/chillwave project Fake Fever has revealed his new single “Unknowable“.

The track features on his upcoming album ‘Inside The Well‘, set to arrive on September 1 through My Pet Flamingo. Get it here.

Speaking about it, Barnes said: “This song is a perfect example of a happy accident. I had spent hours piecing together some upbeat sunny song idea that was not hitting at all for me when I played it back, and I was just sitting there frustrated and dejected about having to scrap it and start over. All of a sudden after the main track had stopped playing and it was just a gap of silence for a while, there was some random two-note dark synth layer I had accidentally recorded at the end of the project file on my little cheap Casio SA-46 that immediately made my ears perk up. I isolated that, deleted everything else I had made in the session except for the drums, and every layer just started immediately falling into place right after, forming the majority of what you hear on the finished product.”

Listen to “Unknowable” now.

Fake Fever “Unknowable”

Inside The Well as a whole showcases Fake Fever with a new confidence honoring the electronic pop sounds and earworm video game bleeps of the 90s and 00s while simultaneously maintaining a creative, forward-thinking approach to blissful soundscapes and colorful, hook-laden songwriting that stand tall among Barnes’ chillwave and dream pop contemporaries. 

Fake Fever Upcoming Live Dates

8/24/23 – Brooklyn, NY @ The Meadows
9/1/23 – Charleston, SC @ Cutty’s
11/4/23 – Los Angeles, CA @ Catch One