Feeble Little Horse Unleash New Single “Steamroller”

Feeble Little Horse Unleash New Single "Steamroller"
Photo by Micah E Wood

Pittsburgh noise-pop/alternative band Feeble Little Horse have unleashed their new single “Steamroller“.

It is the second single taken from their forthcoming sophomore album ‘Girl with Fish‘, which will hit the stores on June 9 through Saddle Creek. Pre-order your copy here.

The shoegaze-indebted “Steamroller,” which evokes Hotline TNT and My Bloody Valentine, came about from a jam session with each band member in the room adding their own ideas while others started as ideas for solo material from Walchonski, Kinsler, and Slocum.

“Every track on this album had a super unique writing process,” said band member Sebastian Kinsler. “No two songs were written the same way from start to finish.”

Take a listen now.

Feeble Little Horse “Steamroller”

Girl with Fish is Feeble Little Horse’s most finely crafted collection of songs yet, the band’s process was remarkably accessible and transparent. “I want a kid to hear this album and buy an audio interface and a microphone,” said Kelley. “I want them to think, ‘If they can record in their bedrooms, I can do it myself too.'”