Fit of Body Unveils New Single/Video “After Hours”

Fit of Body Unveils New Single/Video "After Hours"

Atlanta, GA synthpop/lo-fi artist Ryan Parks aka Fit of Body has unveiled the video for his new single “After Hours“, ahead of his upcoming album ‘Far From The Rhythm‘, due on July 7 via 2MR.

At the start of the musical incarnation of Fit of Body/Harsh Riddims, Ryan once told a friend that he felt somewhat disconnected from the affairs and feelings of others due to the abundance of time he spent alone enveloped in books. FAR FROM THE RHYTHM, as a whole, mines the reflective chasm that hopefully befalls one as they approach peak adulthood (the first of many peaks probably). A whirl of divine detachment (but not cynicism!).

The album is a reflection of him having been proverbially “OUTSIDE” for a decade now and finding a balance in Parks boundaries, intimacy, and social orbits. With almost an army reserve level of skate tours, random backing DJ gigs, and a continued energetic and chronal investment in his family, musical colleagues, girlfriends, and elders, the distance has been closed.

All in all, FAR FROM THE RHYTHM denotes a calm, decisive, and confident Fit of Body, still rolling right along. Pre-order it here.

Watch/listen below.

Far From The Rythm Tracklist:
  1. In Loving Memory (feat. Elizabeth Wight)
  2. After Hours
  3. Punks Unavailable
  4. Rhythm Interlude
  5. Far From the Rhythm
  6. Silk Flowers (Instrumental)
  7. When We Sleep (feat. Elizabeth Wight)
  8. Cherry Pinup
  9. In Spirit Of
  10. Tell Myself (Outro)