Fluid Ghost Releases “I Cannot Dream Without You” Music Video

Fluid Ghost Releases "I Cannot Dream Without You" Music Video

Fluid Ghost the darkwave/minimal wave/post punk side project of Adriano Iacoangeli, one half of French duo Echoberyl, has aired the video for his latest single “I Cannot Dream Without You“.

The song is taken from his recent album ‘Submission Deluxe’, released earlier this month via Mother Solitude Records. Get your copy here.

Watch the video below.

Fluid Ghost “I Cannot Dream Without You”

Submission Deluxe is a collection of songs ranging from Dark Electro to EBM, through softer and sexier sounds.


  1. Submission (PseudoRadio Edit)
  2. Sweaty Back
  3. Anoxia
  4. Somatic Currency
  5. Memory Extraction
  6. The Curtain
  7. Finisterre
  8. Morphing Head
  9. Ride Me
  10. Crossing Gambetta at Night
  11. I Cannot Dream Without You
  12. Filigrane
  13. Submission