Fotocrime Share “Pulsar 99” Music Video

Fotocrime Share "Pulsar 99" Music Video

Louisville, KY post punk/cold wave/art rock band Fotocrime have shared the video for their latest single “Pulsar 99“.

The track features on their fourth studio album ‘Accelerated‘, released last Friday, September 8, via Artoffact Records. Buy it here.

Fotocrime is led by founding member Ryan Patterson, the band’s singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and producer. On Accelerated, Patterson’s lyrics address the regret and grief of a family member lost to a drug overdose, the impassioned ache for the comfort of love, and the existential weight of the finite nature of life. The album also includes lyrical narratives tackling concepts of class warfare, dreams of escaping into space, and buried secrets from the folly of youth.

Patterson shares: “I put so much of myself into this album and I’m so thankful to have Nick and Will as my bandmates and collaborators, they are on every track and elevated this album greatly with their talents. I wrote, produced, recorded, mixed, designed, and performed on this album. It was a gargantuan undertaking. Accelerated is our most bombastic album yet, but also the most tender and exposed. I hope the songs resonate with you and the love and pain in the lyrics connect with you. There’s light in the dark, sometimes I just have to go digging for it.

Watch the video for “Pulsar 99” below.

Fotocrime “Pulsar 99”

Accelerated Tracklisting:

  1. On The Edge Of The Light
  2. Accelerated
  3. I Still Need You Here
  4. Turn Away
  5. Saint Marie
  6. Match Factory Girl
  7. Servant Of Your Soul
  8. Primordial Blues
  9. Pulsar 99
  10. Night Must Fall