Foxtide Unveil New Single “Hold On”

Foxtide Unveil New Single "Hold On"
Foxtide “Hold On”

Southern California indie/alternative band Foxtide have unveiled their new single “Hold On.”

The track is out now and is the first taste of his forthcoming third EP due to be released later this year. Grab it here.

Combining a haughty aloofness in vocal delivery with experimentation in the stickiness of modern pop music formulas, the result is a windows-down-in-the-car, over the speed limit track that harkens to the golden age of early 2000s rock, fueled by the modern DIY scene.

Fronted by Elijah Gibbins-Croft and loaded with a new lineup of Oey James, Dom Friedly and Ian Robles, Foxtide is kicking off their next era of new music today, showcasing their mindset of not taking things too seriously and creating the kind of music that they’d listen to themselves. Previously dabbling a little more in easy-going, jazz-inspired, beachy tones, Foxtide’s new music leans into the intensity of their live shows that have won them a cultlike following in the SoCal scene.

On the new single, Elijah Gibbins-Croft shares: “’Hold On’ incorporates influence from early 2000s garage rock while bringing something new to the table. The track is really a song about nostalgia, self-doubt and forgiveness. While the verses are a conversation between oneself, the chorus is simply asking someone’s forgiveness.”

Take a listen below.

Photo credit: James Varela