Free Love Reveal New Single/Video “Open the Door”

Free Love Reveal New Single/Video "Open the Door"

Scottish electronic pop/cosmic duo Lewis and Suzi Cook AKA Free Love have revealed the video for their new single “Open the Door“.

This is the first preview of Free Love’s forthcoming mind-melting new album ‘INSIDE‘, due to be released on Lost Map on February 24, 2023. Pre-order it here.

FKA Happy Meals, Free Love and their music are a conscious study in duality: thumping live tracks and meditational mantras, pop songs and esoteric experiments, acoustic and electronic instrumentation, lyrics in French and English, as well as the Masculine and the Feminine, all side-by-side. 

A song about “coming back to the centre after spiralling too far and recognising you’re not the only person wondering what’s going on”, Free Love ‘Open The Door’ reaches for the fresh silicon sound of Yellow Magic Orchestra. 

Watch/listen below. 

“The sounds and themes on INSIDE came from the experiments we started working on throughout lockdown in our home studio, FULL ASHRAM CELESTIAL GARDEN,” says Lewis. “Sometimes we’d leave a sound running on loop until little melodies would come in and then that would start to take the form of the track, it has been a weird time for anyone to be making anything creative – to make sense of any reason to it all, we had to position creating music as an essential ritualistic part of our daily existence. We used the studio as a portal and made INSIDE.”