Fuzzy Sun Release New Single/Video “In There Out Here”

Fuzzy Sun Release New Single/Video "In There Out Here"

Stockport psych pop/indie rock band Fuzzy Sun have released their new single “In There Out Here“.

The track features on their upcoming EP ‘I’m Insane and Everybody Else Is Too’ due out on November 11. Get it here.

In There Out Here weaves funk-tinged space rock wig-outs with classic rock riffs and drivetime radio pop hooks, frontman Kyle Ross brings up a plethora of philosophical and cultural theory references that make it on there.

One of the most profound references is about cyber warfare, as its sung in the chorus: ‘set off the information bomb!’.

“That line is taken from a Paul Virilio book, which discusses how the next big world disaster will be an explosion of information rather than a physical bomb. I think is something that we can already see taking place in the world.”

Kyle Ross

Watch the video below.

Fuzzy Sun “In There Out Here”

Additionally, speaking about the EP more broadly, and comparing the new music to the group’s previous EP, released in 2021, Ross added:

“I took more of an outward gaze when writing the lyrics this time, it was a nice way to approach the songs and made me write in a different way… I was deeply into themes of postmodernism, technology, globalisation, hyperrealism as well as capitalism, and how they affect us on a personal and societal level. Also, I was going through a bad period of depression, and, in a way, I think these songs were inspired by that, getting those feelings out of my head and into a creative space was a great way to expel some of these darker feelings.”